Even if you know what’s coming, you’re never prepared for how it feels.
— Natalie Standiford



Erin is an invaluable source of wisdom, compassion, and insight for people grappling with one of life's most difficult challenges - supporting someone who is dying. She helped me turn something that seemed horrific into something that was manageable and even meaningful, while also providing down to earth practical advice. I would unwaveringly recommend Erin if you are in need of help dealing with end of life issues.

- Hannah G.


There was a time during the hospice journey with my father when we needed additional help. We called Erin. Erin sat at Dad's side and was able to gently, honestly, lovingly and with expertise answer the hard questions: How much longer? How can we help? What should we not do? What is normal and what is not? Erin's presence allowed us to proceed along the road with less fear and more confidence. Dad died peacefully at home. We are grateful for the role Erin played in our end of life experience. Thank you!

- Cyndi P


Jamie has assisted our family through my father’s advanced alzheimer’s disease.  Her advice was very helpful!  Jamie’s kindness, compassion and depth of knowledge went a long way in alleviating our worries and comforting our anxieties about our father’s condition.  We would recommend her without hesitation and with greatest praise!


-Joe & Debbie Holmes

I have known Jamie Kertay for over 40 years.  She is my dearest friend who has been through my most difficult times in life.  My first experience with the transitioning process was with my father-in-law, who lived his last few days in hospice.  Jamie was there via phone to offer her guidance, her experience, her knowledge to assist us in facilitating his end-of-life journey in peace, love, unity and trust.   

We are so thankful for her for helping us to create a space of resolution during a time of sorrow. 

-Roger L.Fenneman, L.Ac.

Erin's calming, compassionate nature coupled with her expertise in nursing and end-of-life care is the perfect combination. During the months before my father's death, Erin was the person I turned to when I had questions, needed to talk or get an unbiased opinion. She not only answered my questions, but provided me with tools, emotional support and walked me through what to expect during the entire process. I can honestly say that Erin helped prepare me for what has been the hardest experience of my life. She is not only a resource, but someone who is truly empathetic, which comes through in her approach to end-of-life care.

— Lee H.