Our Services


Doula services offered on a sliding scale.



introductory phone call

Free— 30 minute phone call to determine how we can best support you.

summing up and planning 

We meet in the comfort of your own home or at a public location of your choosing. We can begin life review, offer ideas for a vigil plan or legacy project or help to develop meaningful rituals.

We also offer ongoing support in the form of guidance with advance directive documents and advocacy for patient wishes for the end-of-life, family education and support, formulating the vigil plan and work on the legacy project as well as compassionate presence during the last weeks and days of life.

  • Legacy Project: Legacy is a way of extending a person's life beyond their physical death. It shifts focus to identifying and continuing life purpose. We help you identify threads and important moments in your life and transform these into a project to leave an interactive relationship with your family.

  • Written vigil plan: This two hour in person visit will empower you to have the death and vigil you envision. We assist you with formulating a plan which may include: your preferences for visitors, rituals, readings, and post-mortem concerns. A written plan ensures your wishes will be followed and creates an environment which looks, sounds, smells and feels most nurturing to you.

  • Ritual: Rituals help us transition from one event or stage to the next. We honor your personal traditions and guide you in implementing them into the vigil phase. We can also assist you in developing rituals that speak to you and deepen the meaning of the dying process.


conducting vigil

These visits provide private support in your home, care home or hospital. The active-dying phase can be fragile for family, and we are here to support everyone for the best outcome. We aim to empower our families to care for the dying primarily by themselves, but will visit for the number of hours you feel you need, whether it's a couple of hours a day or more. We listen, we educate, we hold hands, we attend to symptoms and we provide comfort.


peaceful presence package

This package of services wraps our support into a beginning to end offering. It is an excellent way for family members to support a loved one from afar, or for you to be assured your family will be supported throughout the dying process: 
Package includes a one-hour introductory consultation; two hours of document guidance, vigil planning or a written death plan; up to six hours of vigil support and one delivered meal service at a time of the family's choosing. Families may choose a meal when loved ones have come from far away for vigil; just after death; or immediately following a terminal diagnosis when gathered to discuss treatment/ end-of-life options. Also included is a follow-up visit after death to reprocess the experience and address early grief. $500

Support after death

A follow-up visit after death to reprocess the experience with family and address early grief, including referral to grief support resources in the community.

meal service

Price varies  — The dying process can be taxing on all those who are present in support of a loved one. We offer chef-prepared meal support for individuals and groups at any time before, during or after a death. Please inquire about options.