Reimagine Death and Dying


We provide non-medical, thoughtful support to the dying and their loved ones. We are helping our community to reimagine death and dying by encouraging discussion around death, by facilitating plans for the last stage of life, and by offering compassionate presence during the last months, weeks or days of life.


Community Events

We offer classes and events to educate and encourage a lively discussion and action around advanced care planning.

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What Is a Doula?

Doulas are people who are trained to serve. Many people are familiar with birth and postpartum doulas, who serve families during and after the birth of  a child; End-of-Life or Death Doulas serve families on the other end of the life cycle.

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Monthly Dispatches

Learn more about how we are reimagining death and dying in our monthly blog. We post about a variety of topics related to advanced care planning, rituals, end-of-life options and spirituality. We also often include links to community resources or articles of interest. 

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The sooner we can embrace death, the more time we have to live completely, and to live in reality.

--Roshi Joan Halifax